The 1 Year List

So in a year and a bit, this is the list of major projects we have managed to complete.  I consider it basically a score card and thus it can act my self-review if managing things here was a traditional 9-5 job.

  1. Re-keyed all the locks (27 to be exact.)
  2. Replaced the well tankeventually
  3. Replaced the drain pipes on the south side of the house.
  4. Sealed the driveway (most of it anyway)
  5. Replaced the flat roofs.
  6. Replaced the old water softener and RO system.
  7. Replaced the broken septic tank.
  8. Put in hardwood flooring in my office and the blue room.
  9. Painted the blue room (it was once purple)
  10. Tore down the old dog kennel.
  11. Tore down the old horse shelter.
  12. Installed a new main electrical panel and brought our service up to 200Amps.
  13. Cleaned out the trash heap, removed all the antennas on the roofs and all the coax and other wires on the exterior of the house. (Our total so far is 4 dumpsters 5 dumpsters filled.)
  14. Removed two rotting decks.
  15. Installed a new hot tub.
  16. Had the giant eucalyptus tree trimmed as well as many others on the property.
  17. Repaired a water damaged closet and a water damaged utility closet door.
  18. Learned how to deal with the feral cats without using weapons.
  19. Set to work on the Great Wall of Purgatory project that is currently ongoing as our many, many other projects.
  20. Got the pool in better shape.
  21. Created a digital floorplan that is basically accurate.
  22. Created and maintained website for the property to share the fun.

Of course this list is just major items that have been completed and there are a lot of small things not on it like spreading wood chips, cleaning out stable stalls, creating a filing system to keep things organized, replacing the kitchen fridge and making the place livable.  Plus we spend time doing my our own personal projects like building race cars and creating random things, but for a single year, the list covers about 2/3 of the items that were on it when we closed escrow, and while new items have been added, I’m happy to say the list is shorter in length overall compared to when we started.

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