More Furniture Finds

After buying the lovely table at Michaan’s I started visiting in person during their preview hours and thanks to a friend, also discovered their annex auction where there are items that might be a bit scruffier or just estimated to be worth a bit less than what makes it into their gallery auctions.

I managed to snag a super cute side table from the annex. Not only was it in great condition, but it was also round. Round is important as was becoming the theme for the great room, but more on that in the next post.

Anyway, in addition to the wee table I also found a gorgeous Stein Model 700 couch/daybed. It needed a bit of love, but when Agent Smith’s father visited, not only did he drive up to Alameda with me in Barbie to pick it up from the auction house, but he spent a couple of days making it better, as portions of the the wooden base had split and separated.

I then spent a couple of hours with the tiny Bissel carpet cleaner and pulled of half a century of dust from the fabric and the end result is gorgeous. Best of all it does indeed sleep one, as the tiny bottom handle you can see in the pic below allows the back rest to drop down.

Two other lovely bits of furniture that I picked up last fall from Michaan’s auctions are a simple deco side table and simply gorgeous wooden rocking chair.

Both now reside in the downstairs area of the great room, but you’ll have to wait a bit to see how they fit into the space….as there’s a much longer story behind the now just about finished space.

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