Trees: Before and After

As part of the great trash cleanup, we had Tree Techs by the Bay prune three trees near the house.  Here are the before and after pics.


First the giant gum tree as it was:


Here’s a shot of it getting tidied up.  As you can see it’s a very large tree.


And here is the finished result. While it looks extreme, the guy doing the work really knows his stuff.  Just about all the large pieces he cut down would soon have fallen down on their own and that would have made quite a mess not to mention scared the crap out of everyone.

They also worked on the large fig tree.  It had a lot of dead bits on it, so this rather extreme hair cut should help out a lot.


Lastly the large walnut tree outside my office needed a lot of love.  This one was complicated as the phone and power lines actually touch the tree.


While the trimming looks rather extreme, this should help the three trees out quite a bit come spring time.

We’re pleased with the work the guys did, not just on the trees but cleaning out the giant trash heap.  Next spring/summer if we have more things to trim, we’ll be giving them a call.

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