Manic Monday

Continuing on from Friday’s post, here are some more images that have been sitting on the server collecting dust and waiting to get posted.

First an image from up by the well looking down the hill.


Then a few pics taken from up near the well that show the stables and house.  If you look carefully you’ll see one of our upcoming projects–cleaning up the mess behind the stables.

Then there are some shots of one of very favorite activities:  using the wood chipper.  This little guy is super useful but as I learned last week, be careful when towing it as backing up is very tricky.  Don’t worry, nothing bad happened but I did come close to tipping things.


Never fear though, as it’s not all work and no play.  A few months back when I was down at our local Leslie’s Pools, I picked up these little guys.


Typing of “picking up” we still have issues with rude people dumping their garbage on our road, so I’ve been gathering info and sending off thoughts and ideas to a guy who works for our county supervisor.  

We still have things like this showing up on or just off our road.  Currently there is a blown out safe (probably a gun safe to be exact) that has been sitting on the side of the road.  I called the county to report it, some cardboard boxes and yet another mattress but they only picked up the cardboard.  It’s a rather frustrating problem, but I’m hoping to get some serious traction on it this winter once the large projects going on here currently are done.

Then there are two little orphans that are worth mentioning:  I made yet more jam.  I also managed to give almost all of it away too.  At some point I will make one final batch of jam from the plums bequeathed to me by the tree at our old house in SF and now currently frozen in bags in the pantry freezer, just not any time soon.IMG_3170

I’ve taken many pictures (which are posted regularly up on and here’s an example of an unedited one.  This past week I managed to get down the hill to purchase more flagstones plus the gopher netting and stakes I need, so very soon I will have a more expansive garden outside my office and perhaps be attracting even more birds and wildlife.


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