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After a brief hiatus during which I was busy coordinating projects and events here at Purgatory, I’ve finally had time to sit down and write a bit about what has been going on in the last month or so.  We have a couple of HUGE projects underway and my free time is fairly limited, so we made the decision to publish posts every MWF instead of the every other day schedule we’ve had for most of this year.

Most of the time I write a post and schedule it to be published in few days so there’s usually a steady stream of news.  Trying to keep the news organized isn’t so hard, but keeping all the media files we’ve added to the site in the last year and a bit is a much more difficult task.  While we have a couple WordPress add ons installed on the backend, after almost a year of posting, we still ended up with quite a few orphaned images.  Rather than delete the majority of them, I figured I’d include them in a post summing up some of the completed and thus forgotten projects from the last year.

Here’s a shot of new fence line that Agent Smith and his father put in last fall after they demolished the little horse shelter.


Here’s a shot of what a rainy winter day here looks like.  We get a lot of water on top of the pool but we have a little sump that eagerly removes it for us.  Oh and spoiler alert:  the wooden deck and wall you see in the background, as of me writing this post, those suckers are gone gone gone.  More on that later.



Here’s a shot of Thy on his cage.  We’re currently waiting on new stainless steel cages that we ordered to be completed and delivered.  They will be here sometime in November–if all goes well. In the mean time I plan on painting the walls in the boys’ space.  Instead of the puke-ish color you see here I’ve chosen a bright yellow, but before I can paint I have to put in some dry wall patches over the superfluous phone jacks and spackle over all the holes left by the PO’s desire to have a TV in every room.  Once the space is painted we will replace the vinyl that protects the teak and install some aluminum panels to protect the baseboards, as Thy loves to chew things he should not chew.  He also loves oranges.

Here are some shots of the great room closet during the rehab work.  I really like the work the contractor did (as well as what he did with our utility closet door,) but he’s very much in demand, so the pergola/arbor project that has been going on here this past month is being completed by another contractor.  Still, I’m hoping to snag him for the master closet remodel I’m slowly plotting.

IMG_2752 IMG_2741IMG_2751 IMG_2743

A panorama I shot from the studio’s roof when I was up there in March to check on the drains and pool solar.  The funny little dingus on the pole in the center is our weather station.


Another orphan of significance:  this one shows the south pasture looking up towards the house.  That horrible “fence” is going to get replaced this month–we hope.  The timing depends on whether our fence guy finishes the project he’s doing before things get super wet from the winter rains.IMG_2639

Here’s a shot of what spring mornings are like.  The valley below us is filled with clouds.  This shot was taken from the great room.IMG_2213

Agent Smith on Dino.  Sadly I still cannot drive this vehicle as I cannot reach the pedals.  Never fear though, as we have a new life-sized Tonka that we got in a few weeks back that I can drive.  Don’t worry….I’ll post about it soon I promise.IMG_9702

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