Painting Update: The trim is now done

More time was spent painting what was the purple room, but now is the blue room.

Here are a few pics after the first coat on the trim.

IMG_2646 IMG_2647 IMG_2648

Then after a second coat and is was time to take off all the painter’s tape.  There was a lot of tape and my OCD kicked in, so I ended up with this:


After the tape was off there was the matter of some fine detail work and touch ups, but now I’m happy to report the painting is complete.

So here it is with some before and after shots of the built-ins and the north wall.

IMG_2423IMG_2649  IMG_2424IMG_2651

Now all that remains is to put a bit of furniture in the room and we will have successfully completed our first full-room remodeling project.

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