Ketchup Cleans Up!

As noted a few months back we found a stash of random brass knick-knackery in the stables.  With some soap and water I managed to get the muck and bird poop off just about everything and it’s now stored away until we figure out what to do with it all.

There were a few things we kept for ourselves.  Such as some fun egg-like things as well as a giraffe, unicorn, sun dial and a small plate.  All were pretty trashed with tarnish and corrosion so I did some online research and decided instead of using brass cleaner and brute force I would make up a bath for the items–a bath of ketchup.

I picked up a plastic container and a couple of super-size bottles of ketchup and filled one with the other.  Then I placed items in and left them to sit over night.

The results are pretty awesome.


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