Gutter Addendum

Once Humberto and Alonzo were done with the massive exterior painting and fixing project, I had Commercial Gutter, the mob who installed gutters on the house a year earlier, back out to install one more gutter for us.

When we moved in the west side of the great room already had a gutter above the windows to help divert rain water away from the door and window sills, but the south side did not. Thus we decided it would be a good thing to add one in and thus help protect things from future rot.

It was a pretty easy job, as they once again made a gutter onsite to fit the space. Then they fitted it so that it dumps into the one that runs along the southern side of the house.

One benefit from this small project was that when the rains did finally come that winter, there was far less water sheeting down the southern great room windows.

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