Hot Tub Delivery: Step 3

Our new hot tub arrived! The guys from Trade Wind Spas trucked it up the hill late in the afternoon.

There was a bit of difficulty getting the old one out as it barely fit under the house eaves.  As you can see though in the pics, it was a very basic and very old unit.


Once the guys got it through the back side gate though, Agent Smith fired up the tractor to help them move it more quickly to the waiting flat bed.


They had a much easier time getting the new one in place, but while it is actually roomier in terms of seating space, it is about 1/3 smaller than the old one in total size.  You can see the comparison below.IMG_2526

Then after a parting shot of the manufacturer’s panel showing it was made in February of 1984, the old one was strapped down and taken away.IMG_2528

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