Nesting Birds

A post from a few weeks ago covered the story of 10 nesting boxes we installed here at Purgatory well over a year ago.

Last summer nary a bird deigned to make uses of the new digs, but this spring we were very, very popular.

All but two of the boxes saw action. To make tracking things easier I tested out the NestWatch app (NestWatch is part of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.). The app lets you track the status of a nest site, so I loaded all ten locations in and…waited.

This year starting in March I started trying to visit the nest boxes somewhat regularly.

Here are some of pics of what was inside the boxes. While we had quite a few Western Bluebirds make use of the boxes, we also had a couple of Bewick’s Wrens and a Titmouse. Needless to say I’m looking forward to next year and in preparation, I now have a nice endoscope.

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