All Fenced In!

Last summer we posted about the abysmal state of our fences.  How the previous owners had bartered with a nearby horse guy to allow his horses on the land in exchange for him doing some work only as soon as we entered escrow said work stopped.  Thus we were left with things like the south pasture fence which consisted of just a single strand of barbed wire.

Thanks to our nearest neighbor we found a proper fencing guy who helped us out considerably.  Our entire perimeter is now fenced properly.

So instead of this sort of thing…

We now have this…

There was only one snafu during the work:  the five cows that are pastured on our neighbor property, who were no where in sight when the crew left one area open in order to work on a lower section for all of five minutes, used the opportunity to cross over to our pastures and they were all the way down near the wall that was being rebuilt in next to no time.  Thanks to the always-useful mini truck and Dino we were able to herd them back to where they had crossed only by then it had been fenced.  The crew arrived back in the house yard and saw the predicament and it was then a fairly easy job of just lifting up the still-unsecured fencing and ushering the cows back through it.

All in all money well spent as in addition to proper fencing we also have two gates.  One at the bottom of the south pasture where there were once just boards nailed between two fence posts and a smaller one up at our well tank.

Pretty awesome work.  Soon we’re going to have the fence guy tackle the house yard fence.  Sorting out which boards are rotted out, replacing them and probably sanding and repainting everything.

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