Sunday Drives

Back when we lived in SF, I would just pop next door or half a block down when we needed something  as there were two grocery stores on our street.  Now that we live up here, we go grocery shopping on weekends.  Sometimes we run other errands but often its just a trip to the farmer’s market and a local grocery store.  On such days, we often spend some extra time out 1and drive up into the hills.  While our road does not go over and down to intersect with Mount Hamilton Road, the primary roads to the north and south of us do.  Thus, we often go up one of them, turn on to Mount Hamilton and take it to the other road and come down the mountains that way.

When we do that, we can capture some lovely views of Purgatory.

In the shot below you can see our house and the stables.  The house below us with the red tile roofs is currently for sale in case you want to come be our neighbors.  It’s actually a very nice place inside and sits on 11 acres of land (of which about 10 is steep hillside, but that’s great if you want to have grazing livestock.)  The asking price is reasonable considering the size of the house, land and various outbuildings.  For the frequent readers, this is where the asthmatic donkey lives.  When the house sells, we’re not sure what his fate will be.


Other days we go out together to survey the ranch.  The shot below was taken on such a drive.  This is a side view of the stables and fixing it is now on my list of stuff to getting moving on.   We’re not sure yet what we’re going to do with it in the long run but we’ll be meeting with engineers shortly.


IMG_0686It is not all work here though, and sometimes when on our drives we do have a little fun.  Like taking the bubble wand with us.  The bubble wand is a crazy thing I got at Disneyland last month when there with my father.  (He bought one as well.)  Agent Smith cut the circuit so it no longer plays awful sounds reminiscent of music from _The Little Mermaid_.  It is great fun up here as who doesn’t love bubbles.


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