Mowing Season: Part 1

Now that the rains have ended it’s time to post pictures of before and after mowing.  First I should say that because the previous owners allowed horses on the property instead of having it mown last summer, we had a lot of loose soil.  (They apparently did so because they didn’t want to spend the money to have things mowed but considering the low cost we paid, we just shake our heads and sigh.) This past spring we basically let everything grow. We did no pre-spraying along the fence lines or stables and while this did make the weeds almost unmanageable, it did let us get a good understanding of what it takes to wrangle things here. While we can do a lot of the work on our own, saving our energy for areas near the house and garage is the smart thing to do and thus we are more than happy to pay the professionals to help us with the rest of the land.

With that said:

North pastures, Well Side.




North Pastures, Downhill Side

IMG_0493 IMG_0639



Front Gate Area (although Agent Smith took care of this patch.)

IMG_0489 IMG_0637

Up to the well

IMG_0509 IMG_0658

And Down from the well.

IMG_0508 IMG_0668


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