Last Night’s Storm Damage

We had a rather bad winter storm on February 1, 2019. The winds howled through the night and we awoke to find a lot damage.

Most of it was was small stuff, like all the windmills in the north garden were torn apart.

The little ornaments hung from the eaves were mangled beyond repair.

Look closely and you’ll see that a shepherd’s hook was bent over by the sheer force of the winds.

The boys’ outdoor cage was toppled. The cage weighs about 50lbs but it’s on wheels, and this is the second time the wind has done this, so we’re going to have to work out a way to keep it in place: probably by removing the casters.

And the worst of all was that one of our lovely lights was toppled. At the time of writing this post, we have yet to triage it, but as our helpful crew is currently working under our house–these are the same guys that have helped us over the years with clean up projects in the past and today they’re removing the last of the debris from the re-insulation and furnace removal projects–and once they are done they will help me deal with the corpse. I’m hoping I will be able to find a metal worker to salvage it.

Other damage was incurred elsewhere, but the north end of the house took the brunt of the damage. One amusing item was that the little plastic shed we have and which will eventually house the pool chemicals, was literally walked away from the side of the studio building by the wind and had it’s doors ripped off of it. We heard the commotion as it was being pushed around and simply tipped it over on it’s side to stop any further forward movement.

Yet there is good news, except for a tree up by the well tank, our arboreal friends did not take any serious damage. We chalk this up to making sure we have in a regular tree service company every year to keep things as healthy as possible. It also makes us even more determined to plant some more trees to give all our new avian friends adequate cover and nesting real estate.

Here’s the weather station’s take on last night.

Still what would life here at Purgatory be without crazy stuff happening when you least expect it.

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