I saw the sign

One of the little things that bugged me because I saw it several times a day was the little fire extinguisher plaque on the hydrant door outside my office.  It was a visual reminder of the past poor care taking on the part of the previous owners that was visible when I set at my desk and glance out the east window of my office.

Enter Amazon and a seller off named JB Company that makes signs and stickers. I was thus able to do this:

IMG_3137 IMG_3138 IMG_3139

I didn’t stop there though as the door of the little out building that is where we store most of the pool supplies was addressed as well.

IMG_3145 IMG_3146

We also got a large sign for the main hydrant that is out near the garage.  Once the section of fence behind is done being repaired, it will go up. I ordered a few other signs as well and they will eventually be put up, although I’m not quite sure what I’m going to actually do with the liquid manure one–it was totally an impulse buy.




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