Another random product of happiness

In my last post I mentioned we have speakers out by the pool.  These are mounted under the eaves and came with the house as did some speakers in the garage and kitchen.  While the speakers in the garage are cactus, the ones in the kitchen and pool area work much better now that some of the wiring to them has been replaced.

While we don’t use the kitchen speakers often, those out by the pool have become quite useful thanks to this lovely item I picked up off Amazon.


It really does do what it says and I can safely have an iPad out by the pool.  It may seem a tad too-connected to do so, but via AirPlay I can then play music from the iPad to the speakers plus adjust the volume and change tracks.  In a pinch I can text message or look something up.  Now when I’m zoned out doing laps and a thought pops into my head I can now take a moment to satisfy my curiosity instead of forgetting it.  Even better I can add items to my to-do list for when I’m not swimming.


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