West Wall Videos Up

Here are the videos of the last month’s progress on the wall.

In addition to the construction fun, some extra things you will see:
The guys working on the pergola outside the great room.
The cows on the far hill appear each morning and munch their way across.
The neighbor’s dogs completely obsessed with the piles of old rail road ties as squirrels and gophers hide in them.

Then there are some fun easter eggs to look for in the normal speed version:

on 9/26 @17:57 you can watch 20 minutes of our unnamed feral tabby hunt for gophers
on 10/1 @7:25 in the morning you’ll see the butt of a kestrel for just a second.
on 10/3 @ 13:55 you’ll see a red tail hawk hunting for gophers
on 10/5 @17:43 an in flight starling flash mob
on 10/7 @13:22 our feral tabby makes a successful gopher strike and proceeds to eat her meal in the shelter of the railroad ties.
on 10/12 @ 10/12 you’ll see Luci catching a fast bit of gopher.
and at various points a lizard appears on the nearest fence post where it basks for a bit before heading back down to earth.


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