Other Critters

Carrying on from Monday’s post here are some of our larger visitors and residents.

First off: this is Frank. We learned that Frank and other Franks like him were why the bird pot outside the kitchen would occasionally get knocked over in the middle of the night. Poor wee Frank used the arbor pillar to shimmy his way up to the pot for his/her nightly drinks and then hung from the edge until sated.

(Be sure to watch Frank’s video and admire his dismount technique. It’s pretty epic.)

Upon discovering Frank’s difficulties, Agent Smith snagged some unused pavers and built a wee staircase which is used not just by skunk and opossum Franks, but also by our squirrelly squirrels. These are the family of Fox Squirrels that now live here. They are polite and do not overbreed like their cousins the Ground Squirrels, plus they provide ample amusing movements.

Then there are the many residents we rarely see in daylight hours but who do leave us small presents. Like these owl pellets.

And then there are the other large avian visitors: the wild turkeys to be exact. They also enjoy the bird baths and water pot.

And finally…there are the canine visitors who magically appear outside the north hall door almost daily. I suspect it has something to do with the container of dried lamb lung treats.

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