Critter Cams

After messing about with a few different models of trail cams, I’ve decided to stick with the Bushnell line. All the other stuff on the market are basically clones of the same unit and said unit has very slow shutter sensors and an annoying UI. Not only that, the sellers claim the cams will function over a wireless network, but the 802.11 radio signal is weak and unless you want to buy a unit with a cell radio and pay for an associated plan, it’s just not worth it. (Oh, and the apps available really really suck.) I’m sticking with my Eneloop rechargeable batteries, a spare solar pack and my Bushnells for now, but I will probably be testing out one of the new Bushnell No-Glows sometime soon as that .15s trigger time looks swanky.

Anyway….carrying on from the last post which detailed the wee steps we built for some of our wee furred visitors, here’s some trail cam footage from last week: be sure to watch with your volume turned on so you can hear their tiny tongues!

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