More Expanded Impact

It’s been over a year since we organized a neighborhood cleanup effort to remove a bunch of garbage had been illegally dumped off the side of the road. (And except for the dead cow and a few small items things have stayed clean!)

A few months after that cleanup event, we worked with our nearest neighbor (the one with the lovely dogs that visit all the time) to put up some “No Dumping” signs that another neighbor got from county and some Private Road signs I bought off Amazon.


Here are pics of the finished results:  above is the first sign which is just at the start of our road.  Then a shot of the sign after the first ten houses when things start to get more spread out (aka rural) — keep in mind that there are just 46 houses off the main road and two branches.

Below is a shot of the naked pole at the sweeping turn that is about the halfway point to Purgatory.  It was awaiting it’s sign to be attached.  In total we put up three county signs with the first two having No Parking signs beneath them.

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