The Pantry Revisited

Before the dust had even settled from the great furnace replacement project we had to start putting the house back in order.

The first step was putting everything back in the pantry. Because we ended up routing the ductwork for the kitchen unit through the pantry, everything, including the wire shelves we installed shortly after moving in, had to come out. (Thankfully the refrigerator was the one thing that could stay in the space, which was good as it was still full of frozen plums from our old place in San Francisco.)

We only had one item not make it as is fell off the rather precarious stack of items atop one of the cabinets in the eating area.

Before we put everything back in the space though, we were smart. I spackled up all the holes left from the shelves we had ripped out two years earlier. Then I touched up the paint and Agent Smith smartly used the opportunity to secure the shelves to the walls in case of a strong earthquake.

The end result is a more secure space and we worked together to organize things so we both can find whatever is it we need.

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