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Keeping the backend of this site chugging along usually doesn’t take much, but in the two plus years we’ve been writing about our activities at PAWDF we’ve managed to amass a staggering 1500 image files and recently my unhappiness with the lack of organization of these images (totally my fault for not thinking ahead, but who knew we’d have so much to write about!) made me spend some serious time working on behind the scenes to clean up that mess as well as a few others.

This project of tagging all images of course revealed instances when the same file had been uploaded multiple times as well as a handful of images that never got used.  So since we’ve been lax in getting new posts up this month, here are some of those images.

Back when we were doing the wall, this is another shot of the drainage ditch Old Smith excavated.  This was just about the last thing he did before flying back to Australia.

Next up a shot of Dino.  No, you’re not seeing things, the front wheel is unattached.  This was taken back when that tire had a slow leak and Agent Smith was in the process of repairing it.

My other work involves spending time in this little space.  We picked it up off Craigslist shortly after moving in as leaving the SF house meant losing the huge walk-in closet that doubled as my sound booth.



Late one night we had some rude people try to dump their random rubble up along the road that runs up the hill along the north pasture.  While not as awful as the historic dumpsite on our road, still not something we want to have often. Thus, one of my ongoing projects.


A shot for back this winter of all the mud.  This was during the month long driveway repaving project that was a tad off the rails.

A lovely shot of the south pasture and if you look carefully you can spot Old Smith in an excavator.  He had time off from working on the wall as we were waiting for the construction firm’s engineers to sort themselves out, so he went down the hill to shore up a section of the the south gate.

A shot of the road on the way to PAWDF. This is about when you start realizing you’re not in suburbia any more.

And lastly, an explanation of the feature image.  Only a half a dozen people will know what this little doll is and where it came from, but one of the perks of moving to a somewhat spacious house (compared to our tiny digs in SF) is that the few boxes of knick knacks I’d been carting around over the year have been unpacked and the contents scattered about the house.  This one managed to lose her head (it literally fell off and I had to glue it back on,) but now she sits happily in my office and as an added bonus, now that the boys have their own space, the amount of bird dust that floats in to cover things like her is greatly reduced



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