Details for the Second @ Purgatory Contest!

Failed to win a dashing cap last time around?  Well here is another chance. This is another guessing game sort of contest, and the theme carrying over from the Monday post is “glass houses”.

Thus without further ado here are the details:

Tell us your guess either via an email to stega @ purgatory dot org, or as a reply to the Facebook post linking to this message with:

The total number of window panes we have here @ Purgatory.

Some things to help you along:
1) You should not need to include the stables or garage but you should include the studio building.

2) What constitutes a “window pane”?  A pane of glass allowing light to pass from one side to another. To make life simpler we’re just going for the total number of panes of glass or apparent panes of glass:  thus something crazy like our front doors which has four sections (two to each side) of glass works out to be 24 actual “panes”.


3) This contest is not meant to be one you should spend oodles of time upon:  pick a number and go with it!

4) A hint:  the total is greater than 100 but less than 350.

Contest will close once we get a dozen or so entries and the one who guesses closest will get a hat and some stickers. (There are some alternative logo items in the works but for now we’re sticking with hats.)


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