Birds and Windows: New Contest @Purgatory

One of the down sides to living in an MCM house is that we have A LOT of windows.   This means we often have birds running into the windows and while we have taken steps to prevent lethal strikes, we have not been completely successful.

There are decals on some of the windows and we are looking into motorizing the great room blinds so that come down partway at sunrise which will also help block out a bit of the intense sunlight we get up here.

You can get an idea of the decals I made in this panorama of my office

To date we have lost a couple of mourning doves, a thrasher, a woodpecker, and several finches (these are just the ones we know about.). We have however managed to assist with palliative care to many others that survived initial impact and just need some time and a safe spot to recover.

I have a couple of special boxes I use now for just such occurrences.  The guy in the image below seemed like a goner after he smacked the glass hard, but 30minutes later he was alert and feisty.  This shot was taken about 15 minutes after impact.

Which brings us to the new Purgatory contest.  Stay tuned for the next post for the details!

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