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While there have been a lot of fluff posts of late, work at Purgatory continues as the list of projects is unending.  Since no exciting work has happened on projects, I have been cleaning off the last years worth of pictures and movies from my phone plus tidying up wayward files on my compute while trying to get through small projects cluttering up my office.  Thus there have been lots of little stories with pictures or movies in posts and very little “what’s actually happening” posts.

So for those readers keen for a preview of things to come, here is what is on deck:

  • It’s once again dumpster season and we are working hard to slowly fill them with the contents of the stables as well other bits of trash left by the POs.
  • The Great Wall of Purgatory is in the engineering design stage.  I am this on the prowl for a landscape architect as the entire north west corner is going to be redone.  This will involve moving palm trees and replanting most of the vegetation surrounding the walnut tree at that corner.
  • As part of the wall project we will be underpining the pool and this it will have to be drained which means we are moving up the pool renovation project.  This will involve resurfacing, replacing the current tile along the top edge to match what was put on tha balcony this spring. We’ll also have new coping installed.
  • The north garden that once had a deck over the old septic tank, but said deck was ripped out so that we could replace the failed tank is now in the very slow process of being laid out and planted.
  • The boys’ space is going to be repainted and new vinyl  will be put down to protect the teak flooring.  In the last year Thy has decided vinyl is a great chew toy.  This will all be done fairly soon as we ordered brand new cages for them a few weeks back.
  • We’re starting to think about remodeling the master bedroom closet area.  The large mirrored doors and poor lighting would all go away and instead we’d use some custom cabinetry.
  • The fence project is slightly stalled as we wait for our contractor to have time for us, but it will get done in the next month or so.
  • The barn roof is scheduled to be rebuilt.  This will protect the structure for the next few years as we’re not quite ready to invest several tens of thousands of dollars into the structure just yet.  A new roof will buy us time and allow us to finish other projects.
  • We still need to sort out the stinky drain pipes in the master bathroom sinks.  I’ve had three plumbers look at the issue and none of them have a good answer for why they get so ripe.
  • Our gate controller is going to be upgraded.  Currently we have no connectivity from the house to the gate as a gardner cut the wire with a weed cutting implement.  Thankfully that happened after I setup an open/close schedule.  The new system will be accessed from the house over a wireless setup.
  • We’re still in the design phase for rain water collection, but implementation is getting tabled until next year.
  • We are in the market for a furnace technican to help us move a thermostat, clean up some duct issues and service our furnaces.  That last item though is the tricky bit as our furnaces are 50+ years old. Sadly I just found out last week that the guy who had taken care of our furnaces for the previous owners (the one posted about here) died a few weeks ago.
  • The kitchen table that belonged to my grandparents may actually get refinished by a professional in the next few months.
  • I need to get back on the wood chip spreading wagon.
  • We need to sort out a way for hummingbirds to exit our garage so we stop finding them dead.

I think that’s about everything on my todo list, but I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few items as things to tend to get a bit jumbled and crazy here.

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