The amazingly scary bits

The road we live on is pretty narrow on the way up to to Purgatory.  While it is technically two lanes wide, care must be made when passing on-coming traffic as there are no curbs or guard rails anywhere along the road.  When one meets a much larger vehicle, like say when a fire truck or even an 18 wheeler is heading down the hill, the standard operating procedure is to reverse back down the hill to the closest driveway. This can sometimes mean driving backwards for close to a mile.

Once the main road reaches Purgatory it splits–the right fork becomes our driveway and the left branch continues up the hill where 6 homes more homes are located.  About 60 yards up our driveway a branches forks off the right, as that is how our nearest neighbors are able to get to their houses.  Another 40 yards up our driveway lies our main gate.  Here’s a shot of our driveway and main gate just after the split.IMG_0491

Now, the road up the hill after our driveway is even more narrow with just room for one car.  It only continues for another mile or so, and after the first three properties there is a gate barring entry to the last three.  Thus on weekends, as we often get motorcyclists and bicyclist riding up our way, those who don’t turn about at our driveway end up riding past us up the hill only to come back down a few minutes later.  It is a bit eerie at night when it’s just the single light of a bicyclist struggling up the hill after six o’clock when the sun is long gone.  The bouncing and jerky light reminds one of a drunken ghost.

imageMy office windows afford me a view of the road as it goes past up the hill as well as any incoming visitors down our driveway.  The amazing thing though is that no one ever notices me sitting watching the going ons which is especially amusing when we have lost souls bumbling down our driveway only to turn around in confusion.

Since my camera is usually next to me, I often capture their license plate info just in case.  As you never know, when something like our past mini-invasion will happen again.

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