Drain Videos

When Able Sewer and Drain came to repipe the drains in the north wing, another member of their team came up to run a scope down the entire drain line.

It was most illuminating, as we were very worried about the section of drain line that is actually encased in the foundation floor. See, when the house was built back in 1967, the northeast section of the house’s foundation was poured with the line already in place. Thus, if we ever have to replace that section, it will be most interesting.

The tech from Able provided me with a copy of the video he shot which I have edited and posted up on our YouTube channel. The main shot is of the original condition of the pipes and the inset is after he ran a couple of passes with his uber cleaning tools. You’ll see that he got the last thirty feet much cleaner. You’ll also see that our sewer line run from start to finish is well over 100 feet in length. Not a bad bit of engineering really.

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