Floor Plan

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As part of the negotiations to purchase the property, we requested all drawings/maps/similar documents for the house. When we took possession there was a large rubbish bin in the north hallway filled with rolled up documents, some in tubes, but most just rolled up and secured with rubber bands.

This is basically the floor plan of the house from the files of the previous owners. It’s a scan of a much larger document.


If you turn this drawing 90º clockwise, it aligns to the aerial image below.  The second giant box structure with a black roof in the aerial images that sits between the garage of the floor plan drawing (which is now a finished room aka the south office) and the giant detached garage is the “studio” space.

Aerial View of the Property

A side note:  the bathrooms near the entry were remodeled prior to our purchase so now there is one toilet/sink powder-room-style bath on the left and one large full bath where there were once separate shower/bath/toilet areas.

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