Tiny Updates

Here is a list of small things that are done/sorted/no longer broken but they don’t really merit a post of their own.

  1. Wood chips continue to be spread.  The large pile 80 feet from my office is gone and I’m now working on piles out by the stables.
  2. We bought a mower for the back of Dino.  Pictures and a separate post are sure to follow once we start mowing.
  3. We have three feral cats we need to deal with because they seem intent on reproducing
  4. My parents visited for a week and a half in January.  There was much welding on the race cars.
  5. We’re working on a calendar/reservation setup for the site so people can “book” a room at Purgatory.  We technically have TWO guest rooms now.
  6. It’s spring here, so I’m working on another totally separate yet connected web thingy.  Pictures taken from my office window will be posted @stega.org regularly.

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