The list of crap we have to do….

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So while the house is stable enough we need to tighten things up quite a bit.

The short list of starter projects:

  • Roof–Get rid of the tar paper roofs of the studio building, Great Room and linen/bathroom area and replace with foam roofs.
  • Well Tank–Replace
  • Septic Tank–Replace
  • Plumbing–Kitchen sink drain pipes are rusting out
  • Driveway–Repair and seal

At a later date:

  • Furnace–Replace
  • Electrical–New Panel
  • Irrigation–Plot out what is where and address issues.
  • Fences–Replace/Repair all
  • Retaining Wall–Replace existing 300ft long wall
  • Garage Drainage–build small wall
  • Patios and Exterior–part of retaining wall project
  • Fascia–part of retaining wall project
  • Siding–New
  • Large Barn–no clue yet(Permit required!)
  • Kennel –demolish
  • Pool Cover and Tiles–repair/replace

Interior issues:

  • Dining Room Floor–repair damage

And this is just the starter edition…I’m using project management software to keep track of everything. Never-the-less, we will be open for visitors after September.

Oh, and now Agent Smith wants one of these:

10/15/19 Edit: I don’t remember what the video was, but it was probably a large tractor.

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