Of Mice and Hoarding

A few months back I opened a drawer on my desk and discovered a large pile of bird food.  (Think dried dog food, as the boys eat a pellet diet.)  Now, as I didn’t put the food in the drawer, there was only one explanation, we have a mouse.  I emptied the drawer and didn’t think much of it as there were no other mouse-signs like droppings or fur.  I figured it was a field mouse that wintered in our subfloor and now that the weather was warming up, he/she/it would move on.

IMG_2883That was until a week later, when I went to use my sewing machine and discovered the mouse was indeed still living and hoarding.  This is what spilled out of my sewing machine.  And this is what was still inside my sewing machine.  It had managed to completely stuff the interior metal cavity of the machine.IMG_2884


I cleaned up the mess and we put out a humane trap to try to catch the little bugger.  A week later, with no mouse signs I went to take some empty hanging files out of my pink filing cabinet and found stash number three.


Since then I haven’t found any more stashes, but I know I will.  We also have failed to catch the little bugger.

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