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Great news this week:  our 2012 Mini Cooper Clubman (which was heavily modified to make it even more fun than your standard Mini) sold.  We used Shift, aka to broker the sale, as last December we bought the 911 4GTS from them and found the overall experience enjoyable. And the car is a total blast.

This means we now have “just” five cars to deal with.  Granted, one of those is the 1974 BMW 2002 that is currently being rebuilt from the corpses of several cars, and another is the 1972 Porsche 914 that is half way through Agent Smith completing the carburetor to fuel injection conversion.  The 914 is now safely in the new garage, so really we just have the M coupe, Carrera and new truck.

Add to these though the now happier small tractor that was included in the house purchase and the soon-to-be-happier (once it has new batteries and a working parking brake) golf cart and we have quite the fleet.

The little red tractor needs some love and Agent Smith has many bits ordered for it.

Next up to buy:  a proper tractor with which to make a mess.

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