Revisiting first impressions: Addendum

In addition to the spare bedroom, alcove space and my office, the South wing of the house includes a couple of bathrooms off the linen hallway.  Only a shot of the powder room was included in the original listing.  It hasn’t changed really.


When the house was built the small bathroom pictured above was one of four small rooms off the linen hallway.  Two bathrooms with just toilets and sinks were on the ends and then a shower room and a room with just a bathtub were in the middle.  The Doc said he had it designed specifically so that none of his three children could monopolize a bathroom.  Between the year the POs had the house on the market and it failing to sell and then their resisting of it last year, they had all these various bathrooms redone and the small powder room and much larger full bathroom their daughter used are the results.

We currently use the larger bathroom as a random storage area, as we have no immediate use another toilet and shower plus 2 sinks. The large counter and vent though are particularly useful if I need to glue or paint some random crafty type item.

Anyway, here are some pics of the linen hallway these bathrooms are off. The large door is closet with the primary hot water heater (a second heater handles the kitchen, laundry and guest suite) which we had replaced a few months back.  Right now the right-most cabinet/drawers are linen, towels, and extra pillows while the middle cabinet and drawers are crafting “supplies”(yarn, paint, random glass items, etc) plus a drawer of kneepads, cold weather gloves and such.  The far left is random stuff plus paper for the boys’ cages and photo gear.  But between this space, the double cabinets in the kitchen and then closets in the Studio we have a lot of empty storage and we’re trying hard not to fill it up.

IMG_0176 IMG_0178

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