The state of our borders: Part 3–Fences


One day early in March we took a drive down the low row to the bottom end of the property.  As I mentioned in Part 1 of this little series, our fences are in bad shape.  Here are some shots of how things stand (or in some cases don’t.)


The above shot shows the South Gate–to the right of pretty looking two sections of board fence.  Right now it’s a couple of old green rails nailed in place, but we will have a proper gate put in when we have the fences redone.  The property back behind our truck Barbie is the one just down the hill from us.  Those are animal pets that eventually, to the left of what is shown in this shot, are right up against the fence line.

Here is a shot looking the other direction with our great room visible in the upper right.  As you can see we don’t really have a fence on our southern border, but instead just some posts with a bit of wire strung along the top.  This is the work or rather lack of work on the part of the POs and their buddy the horse dude.IMG_2638

Back when we took possession of the house our Mowing Man recommended a local fencing company and we gave them a call.  A guy came out, walked the distances and said they’d get back to me.  We never heard from them even after I called twice to request the quote.  Fast forward to more recently and after the tree fell on the power line induced neighborly pow wow, our Nearest Neighbor gave me the number of his friend who might be able to help us.

We made with contact the Fence Guy and he came out and talked options.  We know we want to go with cattle wade fencing and this is the drawing he gave us to show what he put in.


Based upon our partition map (if I’m reading it correctly), we have approximately 2800 feet of fencing to have redone.  We will have two gates put in:  one, as mentioned earlier, at the southern end of the property and then a smaller one up near our well tank.  Our west side is already 2/3 complete as a few years back our Nearest Neighbor put in a wood slat fence (and the POs agreed to pay for half the cost and then bailed on the deal.)  We will need to make contact with two neighbors we haven’t officially met, as the stub of our bottom western border is shared with a house on a small 2 acre parcel and our entire eastern border is shared with a house that has live stock pens along the shared fence line.

So there you have it:  the current state of our borders.  For now.



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