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It’s been a busy week and it’s hard to believe we took possession of the property less than two weeks ago.  I’ve been a very busy stega and have made a lot of head way on many of the projects.

Typing of which, I’m using OmniFocus to track all the projects we have to do, and I’m happy to say that on Wednesday I got to tick off one major item.  We have network connectivity!  We had to go with a wireless PTP provider as no standard DSL or Cable connectivity options would support our needs. Connectivity is very nice to have as it means I can setup a little office of sorts while I’m here and using my laptop to share connectivity with an iPad, I can then stream music, a movie, etc.

Other things that happened this week:  I had plumbers in to give me a quote on what it would take to re-plumb the drains for the kitchen sink, butler sink, and laundry area, plus I got the carpets cleaned on Monday.  While the guest bedroom, Agent Smith’s office, and the master bedroom carpets all cleaned up nicely, the spare bedroom (which we plan on using as a library) and my office did not fare so well.  Long dirt stains from constant foot traffic are rather unsightly.  Thus, this weekend I will be heading out to sort out what it will take to get some nice bamboo flooring installed in those two rooms.  We figure we might as well get it done before we move in, plus I then may take the opportunity to change the wall coloring of my office as well.  I’m thinking of replacing the drab light brown with a soft rose or perhaps violet. Then again, I may go for blue.

Cleaners were then here on Wednesday as well as a roofing guy to get a quote on replacing the old and grungy tar roofs above the studio, great room and linen/bath hallway.  Most importantly,  The Wall Guy came by and the two of us spent a great deal of time exploring the roughly 300ft retaining wall we are going to have to rebuild.  Quite the engineer, he seemed very interested in the project and its challenges.  He will meet with Agent Smith again tomorrow to discuss concrete finishes, materials and tractors.

Yesterday, I heard back from the company that will be replacing the well tank.  To get the old rusted galvanized tank out they’re going to have to use a crane and then crane in the new tank which means blocking the road up to the 6 houses past our’s.  Not a horrible thing, and because it is a private road, no permit is needed, but out of courtesy we do need to notify them of the day and time.  Thankfully they should have all received the letters I sent out last week that briefly introduced us and explained we had purchased the property and would be working to tighten things up.

Today was meant to be the day the plumbing work got done, but the confined space under the house ended up being too much for the lead guy and we’ve been rescheduled for Tuesday when someone scrawnier will be available.  It’s not like the first guy is obese or anything, it’s just a really small space.  The postponement is only slightly annoying, as the affected bathroom is the one we’ve been using after swimming in the pool.  Still I now need to decide if I pack up from my corner spot and head back to San Francisco soon or if I stay until 7pm when the Mower Man may be swinging by.

At least this weekend, unlike last, I get to relax a bit, but next week more things must be done: I still need to get a contractor sorted to replace the septic; find someone to give a quote/advice on replacing the old oil burning furnace with something a bit more…modern; and find an electrician that is competent. Then I should follow up with the Asphalt Dude as I’m waiting on a quote for what it will cost to repair and reseal our incredibly long driveway.

Busy busy busy.

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