Yeah so that wasn’t very useful….

We killed our Facebook page for PAWDF as it was rather redundant.  Either you read the site regularly; you stumble upon it and glance at it only to find yourself completely horrified by the craziness; or you sometimes see our individual FB updates that link to things here.

It just didn’t make sense to have a page. as it’s just one more thing to manage and we really do have enough things going on.  Now if only I could get FB to actually respond and remove the old page the previous owners made for the place.

So for those few that paid attention and liked the page….thanks!  In the end though there was really nothing to see, so let’s move along.  It’s not time to re-evaluate the photo stream–a useful thing but one we often forget to use.

Edit:  well it’s back.  You can find a link to it from the menu.

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