Garage Lighting

Back in June of 2018 when we rented a scissor lift and installed new glass in three of the courtyard lights, we completed another big project: Agent Smith and I replaced the lighting in the garage.

Here’s a shot of when we were originally viewing the house before purchasing it. You can see one of the lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling. There were two such fixtures and they didn’t provide a heck of a lot of light, especially at night.

The overhead lights were just simple metal shades with a single bulb.

After much research Agent Smith found some better options. Namely two Aididing bay lights and a then a Hero light from Hyperlite for back in the work area.

The end result is a huge improvement. Here are some recent shots (like I just took them a few minutes ago for this post) of the garage.

As you can see Agent Smith has revamped the southwest corner. Here’s the original listing photo of the garage interior. The old fridge is long gone as is some of the cabinetry. Agent Smith also added some peg boards and found a nice large tool chest at Harbor Freight.

Here is then a shot from that corner. As you can see the garage is heavily used. and the bright lights were really worth installing.

Lastly here’s a panorama of the garage space. If you look carefully you can see the newly acquired race car way in the back of the shot, but more on that later.

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