Random Pics that Never Got Posted

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While doing a bit of admin work I came across a bunch of pics highlighting past projects and things that for various reasons never made it into posts.

So, as a review of sorts here are some of them for your viewing pleasure.

First off a gallery of pics related to the well tank replacement.  You can read about that process here (the big mishap) and here (what was inside the old thing) and here (when things got sorted for real.)

Then there are some random shots of the south pasture.

One of giant hole that was cut to provide fill for the now decrepit rodeo ring.And another from a bit higher up that shows that old ring.  Right now it’s a mainly just a lot of rotting wood. We may eventually pull out the fencing, but it’s not a high priority.  

One thing that is becoming a priority is that house on the far left.  That neighbor seems to have a couple buildings that are rented out and the people who live in them keep tossing their garbage over the fence onto our property.  We will have to address that issue soon, plus there’s the added bonus that they have livestock pens built into the fence line separating the two properties.


Here’s a pic only a few people will understand the meaning of without an explanation.  When I first moved to California I had an apartment that is a few miles from Purgatory.  The Japanese restaurant I went to fairly often is happily still in business and still doing very nice food.  Even though AS doesn’t care for fish, he humors me and we eat there every few weeks.

Other images of slight interest:

  • We have whole herds of quail. I have taken better pics with a non-iPhone camera and will eventually post them.
  • We also have very lovely sunsets.  
  • We have some really old things out behind the big barn.
  • And lastly, the barbarians still come to the gate every morning
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