Contest Closing

We extended our first ever contest to allow a few more entries and now it’s time to close it and determine the winner.  Thus this is your very last chance to win either a Purgatory Auto Works and Dinosaur embroidered baseball cap or printed tote bag.

All you have to do to enter is either post to FB where this post will be shared or email email us directly at with your estimate for:

1) How many gallons of water it took to fill the pool
2) How many water truck loads that entailed.

The window to enter closes this Friday.

With that said, the exciting news here is that we just resurfaced/renovated the pool and now that the wall saga has been documented, we have a few upcoming posts covering the details of the almost painless pool project!

And don’t worry:  we have a few more contests planned for the coming months and we may include some of the brass knick knacks as potential prizes.

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