Pirate Booty!

As part of the clean out of the stables, we actually did find some useful things.

First a couple of table saws that we pulled out of one of the stalls.  They are slowly getting cleaned up so they can be used once again.
img_2109 img_3813

Then there were the might be useful in the future items we found and are storing in the old office.  An old heater, some sprayers, a 1950s barber chair, old wooden doors, saw horses (which are now in the garage as they were useful during the kitchen table refinishing project), and a handful of other interesting things.
img_3498 img_3497

We have converted the old tack room into a lumber storage room.  The old saddle racks are excellent for supporting boards and as the room is relatively sound and has a concrete pad, it’s a not a terrible repurposing.


Thanks to a visiting guild mate, the sprayer we found how has a new axel and a new lease on life, as it can now be towed behind a tractor or the mini-truck.


Perhaps the biggest surprise was the huge quantity of solid brass knick knacks covered under a pile of bird guano and rotting cardboard.  According the receipt book I found in the mess, someone once ran some sort of boutique–possibly from within the house. They had invested a significant amount of money to  have this much stock on hand.  We’re not sure what will do with this booty, but it took me about a day to get it all cleaned of bird crap and stored in a safer spot.


I have kept a few things for our use.  A cute little sun dial, a badly corroded giraffe, a unicorn and three very interesting eggs.  The largest of which is bigger than an American Football.  So while not a windfall that would pay off the great wall project, not a terrible end to the cleanup project.  And should we chose to make use of all the brass boot, we now tiny gifts to give visitors for years and years to come.

img_3690 img_3691



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