Whatever happened to the kittens?

A few folks have asked “what happened to the kittens from back in May?”

Well I’m pleased to report that about a week ago we got a call from HSSV–that’s the shelter we took the kittens to–thanking us again for our rather generous donation and letting us know that all the kittens were doing well.  They did have to go into foster care to get be fully weened and better socialized, but then at 10 weeks old they all all ended up being put up for adoption.  Turns out there were two boys and two girls.

I kept my eye on the website’s list of adoptable pets and managed to catch the postings for three of them.  It seems one of the boys was adopted quickly as he didn’t get a listing but if you look at the ID numbers you’ll see he was #128304 and based on that I managed to find his entry. I was also pleased to note that their foster parents actually wrote individually tailored bios for the little guys and girls.  Instead of the stock boiler plate stuff that usually accompanies a kitten listing, their personalities were mentioned and it was fun to read someone else’s summation of them to see if the things we saw when they were with us held true later on.

IMG_2950Here’s my favorite picture of the kittens from when we had them confined in the studio building.   Each day I would have to coherence Momma into a trap so I could clean the kennel they were in and when I would do that I would allow the kittens some liberty.  From left to right we have: the tiny shy but docile little female that was happy to be held and shown affection–Nanami. Then there was rambunctious boy that loves to climb….anything.  He was adopted almost immediately and named Kuroo.  The one face first in the kitten food, the feistiest of the lot and with no qualms about bossing others out of her way was Mikasa.  She was the only one without any white patches and definitely Lucy’s little offspring. Finally the one on right,  Ciel, was just a kitten.  He had no remarkable traits to set him apart from his siblings.  He wasn’t a bad kitten, he was just your typical middle child.

Here are screen caps of their adoption blurbs in order of the image above.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.53.58 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-19 at 10.36.41 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.54.50 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.54.10 AM

After writing this post on Friday and scheduling it for publishing Monday, Agent Smith and I ended up in the same area as the Petco, so since both Ciel and Nanami were still listed as up for adoption, we decided to check in on them.

The kitten area at the adoption center is very nice, but the astonishing thing was an older couple were in the middle of getting to know Ciel.  We explained who we were and why we were there. We filled them in on how we had a ranch and Momma patrolled the area and that we had ended up capturing her and the kittens back in May but due to allergies couldn’t keep any of the kittens.  We then checked on Nanami who was in a nearby kitten cage.  She was very alert and playful.  Neither she or Ciel had a clue who we were, which is just as well since that week we had them in the studio was pretty traumatic for everyone.  We only stayed about 5 minutes in the kitten area and when we walked out I explained to the volunteer manning the front desk who we were and showed her a picture of Momma.  Just then the folks who’d been getting to know Ciel came out to sign the adoption papers for him, so I showed them the picture as well and explained what a bruiser Lucy was and how we caught him and Hank just this week and had them neutered.

It was certainly a high point of our week and then to top it all off, when I checked the site today to find a  Kuroo’s original listing to add to this post, I learned that Nanami had been adopted.  So all four little kittens are out of the feral system and at least for this week, we are done with cats.

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