Furnace Filters

We finished up our grand furnace project with two smaller projects last month.  The first was to order in some new filters that we could put in the air returns scattered about the house.  Of course I messed up when ordering and the ordered filters that were just a bit too large and wouldn’t fit the space, but then we sorted out we really just need all new return grills that would accommodate filters.  So we headed over to Jedco Supply and for $150 we got five new register grills that will hold 1″ filters.  They arrived and Agent Smith and his father got them all installed.  Then I performed a quick bit of minor surgery to the filters to snip off a half inch of the end of each.

The results should help us breath easier. Due to the way our furnaces are installed we can’t actually insert traditional furnace filters into them, so we went with the next best option of filtering at the return registers.  Eventually we will put in a new heating system, but for the foreseeable future this will help greatly.

As an added bonus, the new filters are not warped and covered in multiple layers of paint because we, unlike the previous owners, will remove them if and when we paint the walls.



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