Sculpture Highlights

(and better gate power)

To really spice things up, this past November we had the electrical situation out at the main gate professionally sorted. Regular readers will remember we have not one but two electrical service meters here at the ranch. The primary handles the house, out buildings and the well, while the second, which used to service a mobile home now just handles the main gate.

We’ve had a few interesting problems thanks to that second power meter and its pole. A tree fell on it. And then the same tree fell on it again. Then a bird built a nest in the breaker box attached to it. Add to those fun tidbits the really skanky wiring setup that handled powering the main gate and lights.

I mean really skanky. Cracked conduit, exposed bits and very low to the ground.

So last fall I reached out to our favorite electricians and scheduled them to come out to assist. Agent Smith got to be the one onsite to manage this project as I head out to help out my parents back in Ohio.

The end result is a significant improvement. Instead of just a simple post with everything hanging off of it, we have a new post with the outlets at a safer height and much tidier. Plus a separate Christy box to tidy up some of the wires.

But that wasn’t all.

We had the electricians fix the lights on the gate pillars and more importantly, add some lovely lights to the condor sculpture and Agatha. Now when you come to the main gates at night, there is light and perhaps a bit more of a crazy, spooky vibe.

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