Savings at the pumps

IMG_3218Slightly unrelated to work and projects here at PAWDF, but still somewhat interesting is a purchase we made several years ago that has since saved us a bit of money and quite a bit of time and effort.

Both Agent Smith and I have long hair and we both like our somewhat expensive shampoos and conditioners, but getting said shampoo or conditioner out of their bottles when showering was often cumbersome and messy.  Thus in 2012 decided to purchase pump dispensers for soap and hair products in the bathroom. We went with the Umbra Penguins since they have very sturdy bases and you just have to whack them with your hand for each pump.  They are also very easy to fill as the pumps come off to expose the clear plastic cylinders that act as the reservoirs.

The added bonus of this setup is that we use exactly the amount of hair products or soap that we want to use.  No more squeezing a bottle only to get too much product out in a giant fat gloop.  The only extra bit of work is that we have to occasionally refill things but I can’t stress enough how great this purchase has turned out.

IMG_3217Another odd and related project I did a few years back was up cycling the glass bottles some Aveda products came in.  Instead of boring glass bottles similar to the large one shown on the right, I now have cute little blue guys for my face wash and moisturizer.

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