The Grading Is In

With all the work we’ve done over the last few years, the front section of what is considered the “RV Pad” had taken a bit of a beating. What with 18 wheelers using it to turn about plus all the work to the area just north of it when we sifted the driveway spoils, it was time to patch things up.

So I called down to the same place we bought all the drain rock for the Great Wall project and they were more than happy to deliver some rocks when they brought up a few yards of sand for the revamp of the water main.

So when things were a bit quiet here, I spent about ninety minutes in Giggles the skid steer and graded it out.

It’s so nice having our own equipment. Not having to call up a rental outfit and schedule in something and pay a lot of money….let’s just say even with Agent Smith having to do maintenance on things, we get 100 times more done here when we can just walk out, buckled up and go.

Added bonus, if a delivery arrives on a truck without a lift gate, we can easily handle things which always puts a smile on the delivery person’s face.

For new readers: this is Giggles. We love her.

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