The First Purgatory Contest

While we haven’t posted the full story yet, today was a banner day.  We finished the pool resurfacing project and to celebrate we’re going to run our first ever contest.

Here are the details:
To win you need be the closest to guess:

  1. how many water truck loads it took to completely fill our pool.
  2. and how many total gallons of water it took. (You can round the total volume of water to increments of 500 and keep in mind a typical pool is 12000-16000 gallons.)

Here are the rules:

1) You are not permitted to enter if I told you this information (sorry you five people who already know–also if you do know please don’t clue anyone in.)

2) To enter either post in the FB comment, email us directly at or you can join our very very new Discord channel @ (we’re beta testing that as well as some live streaming stuff.)

4) One entry per person

5) Entry deadline is June 3rd.

What can you win?  How about a handful of Purgatory Auto Works and Dinosaur Farm vinyl stickers and window clings!

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