Related to the Great Room: Kitchen Touch-ups

While painting the great room, one extra thing our painter tackled for us was painting a few of patched areas in the kitchen. First where the old furnace register once used to be located, where we had termite issues in the laundry area, and lastly where the speakers left by the POs once were — more on that in the next post.

I thought finding matching paint was going to be difficult. The tin left by the previous owners that was marked “Kitchen” was what we used after the damage around the outlet in the laundry area was patched. Only it was not a perfect match. As luck would have though, one of the colors I chose for the studio renovations is actually the same color as the kitchen. Who knew? Different brands, but same color and rather fitting actually, as the kitchen paint color is the one likable original color in the entire house. (Just about every other room was either puke-brown or uriney-yellow when we moved in to the house.)

So a nice final item off the long list of what needs doing….

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