Tony Arrived This Week

Several notes about this video.

Just after the second cut Agent Smith accidentally ran over one of our neighbor’s dogs.  The dog, named Happy, is  thankfully fine,  but I had to go chase after him, carry him a quarter mile back to our place so that I could then drive him down the hill to be checked at the vet.  No serious injuries were sustained but it did take a bit of the glow off the new tractor experience.

Tony is our new tractor–a 1990 Hesston 80-75 (i.e. a Fiat).  You can watch the Fiat Promotional video here and revel in the awesome progressive rock soundtrack and talking animal bystanders. (Seriously I think the movie _Ladyhawke_  influenced this marketing movie.)

This is our second tractor, as shortly after moving in we bought the Ferrari, aka Dino, and while Dino is quite useful, because of the hills there are certain things he cannot do and thus the acquisition of Tony.

Lastly, we will never ever have a truck this size delivering something to us again.  Granted this one came all the way from Missouri by way of Los Angeles, but it was roughly 15 feet longer in trailer and cab than the 18 wheelers that delivered the wall blocks.  Getting this one up and down the roads was…a serious shepherding endeavor.


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