Stuff on the walls

I have been dealing with jury duty this past week so while sitting here among a few hundred strangers, I went searching for some quick and easy things I could post about.  Hence this post.

We’ve been doing a wee bit of interior decorating.  A quick preview: these three prints that I picked up off eBay.  They now hang in the linen hallway.  (All three are by Larissa Holt.)

And then I found an image of Ann Miller on an auction, but it was a bit out of reach of my budget, so I went over to and found a publicity image from _Kiss Me Kate_ and had that printed on a metal sheet.  Here it is in the north hallway.

Regular readers may wonder where the heck this spot in the house is, but let’s just say hanging up pictures was the last step in our recent decorating endeavor.  More on that next week!


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