Puzzling Filler Post

This is another of those mundane posts as during the height of the pandemic, Agent Smith and I did what many other people were also doing, we puzzled.

We started off with a truly evil 1000 piece puzzle of wine corks. My mother gave it to me as a gift over ten years ago and I tried a few times to put it together and gave up each time. This go-around it took us a couple of weeks, but together, working in small bursts, we managed to knock it out. Since it was a puzzle we’d try in the past to complete, getting it done then led to getting it framed and hung in the butler’s pantry. After that we did a good dozen or so others, all 1000 pieces or more as smaller options just aren’t very challenging.

Here is a gallery to show off our “work”.

We have a few new puzzles to get stuck in to, but we’ve both been so busy with chores and projects that none have been attempted in months. Perhaps this post will get us back into the habit. We do after all have a lovely 5000 piece puzzle squirreled away.

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